About Lori

My entry into the metaphysical world began very young. I was able to telepathically communicate with my twin sister. This is a common theme between twins. By the time I was old enough to talk I had developed a deep connection to hearing, seeing, and feeling spirit. I could also sense the emotions and energy fields of people around me. It did not occur to me that any of this was anything more than natural and normal. As I became an older child and teenager, adults around me would say that it was my imagination. I started keeping my "feelings" about people, my dreams and communications with my guides a secret. My twin was the only one I confided in about this.

Following a deep depression, I began working with a medium to heal myself emotionally and develop my abilities further. Through this life changing process, I came to take personal responsibility for my own creative process in my life. A realization came to me. My long secretive relationship with my spirituality and natural psychic abilities not only helped me, but I had the ability to do this for others.

I began doing readings for others and learning more about my psychic, channeling, and healing abilities. My two wonderful teachers include World Renowned Medium, Cheri Mancuso and World Renowned Channel Shawn Randall.

Utilizing the sacred connection we all have to spirit, I now provide a variety of services and classes. 

Lori Camacho is a Vocal Channel, Healer and Clairvoyant Medium. She is co-owner of Awakenings Center for Conscious Living in Laguna Hills, CA. She teaches a unique certification program, holds workshops and conducts private readings.

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