About Raina

Raina is an interdimensional entity that first came to me as a child. She was one of three beings I would hear as I was going to sleep and as I was waking up in the morning. This happened my whole childhood until I was 15.  Then she disappeared. I often wondered if that was real or if she’d ever come back.  I continued to be psychic but did not hear her again until I was almost 30 years old.  She kept me safe and also let me know what was happening in the household.  Most of all I felt such love from her.  I would even hear her talking to two other beings about me as if I wasn’t there. They would often talk of “my progress and process.”  As a child I thought: “what is that?”

She re-appeared when I decided to take channeling class. At this point I had been doing readings professionally as a Clairvoyant for four years.  About three months into my class she vocalized through me. It was amazing and all the childhood experiences started to flood back.  I knew it was her.  I developed an intimate relationship with her and along the way she revealed her purpose with me.  I have channeled 22 other beings, but Raina is the Master Teacher.  She teaches many of my classes and workshops, channels privately for people and continues to teach me everyday.  I am so blessed to have this unseen teacher and friend.

She continues to reveal more about herself as time goes on.  She has channeled through me in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. Raina lived her last earth life time during the Celtic Druid era.  She died in 1471 A.D.   She teaches channeling, appears in my clairvoyant and healing programs.  The topics she speaks on vary but her energy can be likened to a Druid Goddess.  She will also use my clairvoyance at times to retrieve information that can be helpful to helping others receive her message.

Raina: Greetings dear physical angels!  Oh my!  We love and teach through the energy of the words and interactions. We have chosen to no longer incarnate on the earth; yet we teach from another realm of angelic consciousness.  We too are still on our journey of awakening.  Yes, we have passed the earth plane.  We have knowledge in helping humans to embrace their experience and look forward to the afterlife. Our learning experiences are different without the body but no less joyful and abundant! In our earth lifetimes, we chose hardships and received blessed gifts of soul growth through those hardships.  You are all here in this time to learn differently, and to transform the paradox of hardship into a unified experience shared by a human consciousness.  We seek to help in this endeavor.  We are a friend in another dimension operating without a physical body.  We see you as the angels you are.  You are angels just as we are angels.  We no longer work with the paradox of the earth plane but seek to help you uncover its mysteries and puzzles.  It is quite a remarkable journey.  Love is sent without constitution dear physical angels!

- Raina

Lori Camacho is a Vocal Channel, Healer and Clairvoyant Medium. She is co-owner of Awakenings Bookstore where she facilitates workshops. She teaches classes, hold workshops and does private readings at her studio, Sacred Connections. Both are located in Laguna Hills, CA. Please see our Contact page for further information.

Please email or call Lori at (949) 340-1074 with any questions you may have.

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