About Sacred Connections

Sacred Connections is a place for personal spiritual growth, love and independence of oneself.  We hold many classes, workshops and private sessions.

Our Programs and classes are designed to help each person first heal themselves and then to do the same for others.  Our foundation is that an awakening is not something that happens overnight but a process that needs nurturing to unfold with grace and elegance.

Sacred Connections first started as our founder’s private practice, then expanded into a school that now offers several different modalities in the healing arts.  During Lori’s awakening she found that having a school that taught more than one modality and offered a deep healing experience was a necessary tool in the opening of each person’s gifts.  Each program is specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges that a person faces in opening to spirit. 

Lori Camacho is the founder and owner.  For more about her please see About Lori.

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