Multidimensional Healing Advanced Studies

7-month class (meets 3 times/month)
$1900 prepaid or $300 monthly

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Pre-requisite: Completion of the Clairvoyant Intuitive Certification Program, or equivalent, completion of the Vocal Channeling Program and completion of the Vibrational Healing Certification program.

This program is designed to offer advanced studies to those who have completed the Vibrational Healing Certification Program and the Vocal Channeling Program. You will already have formed strong relationships to your own personal team of unseen friends for the purposes of healing in the Vocal Channeling program.  The bonds formed in the channeling program will have revealed their purpose with you.  You do not have to be a vocalizing channel to enter this program.  The integrity and intimacy of the unseen friend relationship is the importance here. This program will then deepen and enhance their healing ability with more advanced methods of affecting change within the client’s field. During the course: meditations, exercises, practical applications and internship experience, unseen friends will become the primary source of guidance for each student healer, along with the higher self. Guidance will be provided on the use of ascended masters and archangels to assist students during healing practices, group healings, and when working with clients who have so-called "incurables" and advanced stage diseases.

Students are invited into this program based on their performance, integrity and personal responsibility displayed in the other programs. 

This course also includes:
  • The experience of deep healing crises will be explored and studied such that students will learn how to help their clients to become accountable and take responsibility for their own healing crises, as well as to transform a healing crisis into a more useful journey in healing.
  • Each individual's ability to heal will literally change because they will be attuned to a new level of healing energy through their work with their unseen friends and the archangels and ascended masters.
  • Instruction and practical applications in communicating the healing information and how to help clients heal through giving the information they need rather than offering outcomes and solutions. Rather than telling their clients all the answers, students will learn to give clients the information they need to embark on their own healing journey and learn the lessons they need to learn so they may heal and grow.

Once this level of advanced study is complete, students will be able to go out and fully operate as professional healers, if they choose. At this level students will walk away from their studies feeling confident and sure of their abilities -- with an understanding of how to integrate and use the training. This training will gradually become part of each student and they will naturally use their skills with integrity and confidence as a professional, or in any way they may choose.

Please email with any questions you may have.

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