The Art of Receiving

December 2011


We wish to speak of the art of receiving. It is an art form as there is a resonance of components that allow for one to truly receive. It is the energy you allow and exchange in such an act.

The act itself is easy. One gives a gift of sorts and the other takes it with their hands. The act itself is uncomplicated. How do you feel when given a gift you do not expect? Embarrassment? "Oh, you shouldn't have done that", many of you say. Why not? Why does such gift giving create this? What about the gifts you buy for yourselves? Aunt Mary doesn't need this, but I do……

The games you play with yourselves in the act of receiving are simply patterns in self worth, deservibility and love that need healing. We will speak about the tools that allow each of you to receive wholeheartedly and with love. It is in this that you will also allow the reception of spirit and the gifts we have for you. It is in these tools that you allow more love into your life.

Gratitude - Be grateful for everything that surrounds you. Everything. Both the lessons that have guided you to where you stand now and the new opportunities that you have created. You have earned each one of these things. Being thankful is also being grateful. The first holiday of Thanksgiving is a good practice of gratitude. You are surrounded with family and friends that you have chosen to spend this space with.

Forgiveness - Forgiveness permits perceptions of each person to change. Even if unspoken. Try holding the energy of forgiveness in the heart chakra, breathe in love and you will find that your soul will create a new perception. This forgiveness is an art of it's own but is also a component of receiving. The person you may need to forgive is yourself. Write down some things that you may need to forgive yourself for in order to make room to receive blessings, gifts and love. Forgiveness is the spring cleaner in the heart chakra. It makes room for change.

Honesty - Gratitude and forgiveness give birth to a space of honesty. This honesty allows expression in receiving. "Thank You" or "I didn't get you a present but I am so touched that you thought of me." In your spiritual practices, simply giving your time in meditation is enough. Your guides and god/goddess are always awaiting this space of honesty. Give us your fears, your wants and your tears. This clears you for an honest communication and will carry on to your pursuits with others.

Intimacy - Receiving must include intimacy of oneself, the other and spirit. If you have practiced gratitude, forgiveness and honesty; intimacy must follow. Intimacy is the result of carry through of the other tools. It is the doorway that opens a new space in the heart for receptivity.

Finally, you truly RECEIVE. Ah, you may need to take a big breath to make more room for the gift. Whatever it may be. Even with physical objects, the true gift is in the love that is exchanged. Receive the love.

Without a real sense of receiving, we can not give. You practice giving in martyr often. Particularly in these months of gift giving. This is not really giving. There is nothing you must do due to holidays or have to's. Mastering the art of receiving creates an opportunity to give with an openness that is only real through practice. This practice is also self mastery, self love, self worth and positive perceptions of the self. "I am worth receiving the love of the divine infinite." Use this affirmation as an intimacy tool. Cry, purge the worthlessness and forgive. We will be with you in the honesty and intimacy. Receive our love. Love is sent without constitution.

Please email with any questions you may have.

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