I'm Blocked!

October 2011


Blockages in space and time provide procurement for intuition and growth to overcome the obstacle and bring about a healing that changes the subject for the rest of that life time.  We want you to observe your seeming blockages as a challenge in personal and spiritual growth.  All things and ways of being are temporary; until the wave of emotion and deeper states of willingness beyond your conscious waking state float to the surface in a glorious enfoldment of truth and self realization. 

This word “blockage” we hear you humans say over and over. I’m blocked!  So?  And?  This is so very temporary dear physical angels!  Under the swollen atmosphere of blockage is a magnificent birth of creative intellect or mysterious intuitive splendor.  Seize the times and bloodiness of a so-called blockage.  Allow it to burst.  Use the energy of that emotion to receive the gift that precedes such a blockage.  We would like you to rename it.  If you are coming up on a blockage, identify it as a gift. I have a gift that needs my help to unfurl.  Ah, yes!  Blockage=gift.  Do you see a pregnant woman in your reality as a blockage?  Of course not.  She is holding a most precious gift, a gift that takes her time and energy to gestate to fruition.  Your mental and emotional blockages are no different.  Receive them as such.

We understand the pain that occurs when you are feeling this impasse.  You want to run, hide, or distract yourself in anyway possible.  Have you ever asked why?  Is it possible that the gift you are to discover is much more frightening than what the blockage provided?  Much like looking into a dark closet as a child, your subconscious is constantly putting out these gifts of self realization.  Ask your higher self and unseen friends to show you the light of that obstruction, move through the healing of the shadow energy and stand up to your truth and responsibility of its delivery.  You have embarked on a journey that requires your full accountability of each dark corner, obstacle and monster. 

The monster in the closet may just kiss you goodnight and hand you a pot of gold.  Now what would you do with that? It may act scary to keep you from its treasure initially, but once you go into it and allow it to swallow you freedom beckons. Here you can grieve or emote the old energy that is intermixed with this gift and a blockage can evaporate in an instant the moment you realize there has been confused energies here.  A blockage is a gift intermixed with old emotional energy needing release. Permanent


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