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Channeling Sessions with Raina

60-90 minutes ― $300
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Raina is one of seven angelic entities that channels through me while I am in a deep trance. The others work with me in table healing sessions and will vocalize very rarely. Raina is the one who chooses to work with people directly. She emanates love and energy while delivering information to you. A deep processing and healing happens while she is doing this.

This is a very different type of reading compared to my regular reading sessions. In a session directly with Raina, my conciousness is put to the back while hers comes forward. My voice and words are different because "I" am no longer present. She is able to work with you on an unconcious and subconcious level, giving you a higher perspective on your life and challenges. She is a "high level" entity so predictions are not her concern. Meaning, a psychic reading with me may involve looking into future events (if appropriate), where Raina's work involves helping you to create those future events by healing much deeper issues. This does not mean she does not see things. In fact she does this very well, but she will not give you psychic information unless it serves a higher purpose, or helps you to see something more clearly.

Some of the things Raina does in her sessions:
  ▪  Regression with Past Lives/Events
  ▪  Deep Emotional Processing bringing to the surface any hidden      negative beliefs about self that has been blocking your life progress
  ▪  Life Purpose
  ▪  Spirit Releasment from Homes/People
  ▪  World Issues
  ▪  Spiritual Development including Teaching Others to Channel      Their Own Angels (she also does this in my group classes)
  ▪  Mediumship Raina acts as gate keeper to me while bringing      forward those who wish to communicate. She will either relay their      message herself, or on occasion allow them to vocalize through me      directly.

A session with Raina is approximately one hour to an hour-and-a-half.  Be prepared with your questions for her, any areas of your life you are wanting clarity on, and an open heart and mind.

A message from Raina:
"We come to you now, in 'This Time' bringing more love, more light, more joy, and more understanding in service to greater whole of creation. Each one of you affects the whole of conciousness. It is in love of our service to the source itself which created you that we make contact. Raising each conciousness one by one, creates a wave, lifting us all to the next phase of evolution. Our thought creations involve all entities in every dimension. It is time now for the unseen worlds to merge with the physical, creating new universes.  With the help of your angels all can co-create as one. This, dear physical angels, is love in its purest state of existence."

How to schedule a Channeling Session
You can contact me via email or schedule an appointment directly from this site.

There is a client information and consent form you will need to complete and sign before our session. Please complete the form online, or print and sign it and bring it with you. If your session is a few weeks away, feel free to mail it to me.

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