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Clairvoyant Intuitive Program

13-Month Class
(meets 1 weekend per month)

$3250 paid in full or $250/mo with a $250 deposit.
(One month free if prepaid in full)

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The Clairvoyant Intuitive Program is an in-depth journey of uncovering the multi-dimensional self through empowerment, awareness and healing in which you learn to use your own energy essence to first heal and then create the reality you truly want. We offer the student three specific means of study.

The student will first learn to access their inherent clairvoyant ability to read the aura and the chakras, and to be able to perceive energy patterns in its many discernable forms, such as colors, pictures and abstract images.  The student will also identify the other methods of discerning energy such as feeling, sensing, hearing and knowing.  This reading process allows the student to become an intuitive reader and forms the foundation to further the student’s energy studies such as vibrational healing, mediumship and channeling. This objective, highly enlightening discipline can be used unanimously in virtually any venture.

Second, the student is trained in shadow work where they restructure their own personal life in order to heal and clear the dysfunctional, unnecessary patterns that arise as they are attending the Clairvoyant Intuitive Program. The process of intuitively reading themselves and others, allows them to effectively identify their own ability to change and to access their own spiritual potential throughout the program.

Lastly, the student is guided through our first level of consciousness development through knowledge of the higher self and it’s multi-dimensional nature and limitlessness.  The student will develop a very real, concise relationship to their higher self by use of specific meditations and brain development techniques.  With the knowledge and understanding of consciousness, intuitive information can be accessed easily and regularly.  This teaches the student to honestly live in the now through the consciousness of their higher self.  This also adds to the foundation needed for deeper spiritual growth and to access the more advanced intuitive arts such as mediumship, channeling and vibrational healing.  Developing intuitive abilities becomes a more purposeful tool toward the soul’s growth and finding ones purpose in life.

Please email or call Lori at (949) 340-1074 with any questions you may have or sign up through this website. This class is limited to 8-10 people. A $250 deposit is required to hold your space.

Class Location:

Classes will be held at a private home in San Clemente.



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