The Dragon Medicine

February 2012


Dragon has in it the breath of fire, an energy known to destroy yet emits an originality all its own.  As you enter this year of the Dragon’s Lair; enter with your soul’s uniqueness and power of originality.  We speak of the dragon because of her duality to lie down and be tickled in the stomach in playfulness, then jump to her feet in protective aggressiveness.  Her medicine teaches you to walk your own path, stand in your power but remember to love and play. 

The sacredness of this mystical animal lives in each one of you. For those born under her medicine, know that you chose to walk an unlikely path, one with artistic nature and love of spirit.  Feel the dragon in your spine, breathe her fire into your heart and align with spirit’s grace. 

We speak of her as a reminder of what was and what can be again.  The animal herself is a mystic story.  You cannot find her on the earth in a cave or on top of a castle.  She belongs in your heart, a distant memory of other lives lived.  Yes, the dragon reigned at one time.  The stories here are simply archetypal images now.  The dragon’s energy signature still lives in each of your DNA.  You all remember her glory.  She was of the time in Lemuria where dreams danced under the belly of life.  You must find her there now under the belly of the collective unconscious.  The underworld still holds her. Accessing the dragon’s archetypal energy in meditation, within your heart activates your soul’s unique powers.  This is the purpose of her image here on earth.  To access the dragon is to discover a deep mystical memory of your true spiritual nature.  She can bring you courage when you need it most, love and playfulness where it is lacking, and unique artistic gifts that have been lying dormant.  This is true for anyone who works with the dragon’s medicine.

As you enter the year of the dragon, you all uncover the magic and mystery that awaits you.  Enter her lair seeking wisdom, grace and power in self.  Ask her to influence your projects and help you to access more personal power.  She is waiting in the ethers to be of service.  In Lemuria these powerful beings were delighted to be of service in love to humans and to create paths unknown.  They are both and so are you. 

Love is sent without constitution. 

- Raina

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