Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you see things about people and spirits all the time?

A:  There are times when I will see a spirit unexpectedly. I will sense their energy as a feeling first. Then I can choose whether or not I want to pursue that feeling.  Unless I am there to do a reading or fully tune into someone who has passed, I will not see spirits. This also applies to seeing things about people.  Doing psychic work of any kind takes focus and concentration.  For me to do that while I’m out in public serves no purpose for anyone. I am at my best when I have prepared for a reading through meditation.

Q:  Why can’t you predict the lottery numbers or make money gambling?

A:  Being psychic does not mean that we know everything. Tuning into a person’s life for purposes of healing and transformation is what readings are for. There are rare cases where people have been given lottery numbers by their guides. For most people, personal growth and the lessons they are here to learn would not occur if they were to use a shortcut by winning the lottery. 

Q:  Are curses real?

A:  No they are not.  I have heard this scenario too many times.  If a gypsy-type psychic tells you that you or your family has a curse on you, and it will cost $$ to remove it, run far away.  This is nothing more than a con-artist trying to manipulate you out of a lot of money.  An authentic psychic, medium, or healer charges for their time.  Nothing more.

Q:  How do you find a good practitioner?

A:  The best way is through a referral.  Your friends will always tell you the truth about their experience.  Most of my business is done through referrals.

Q:  Can healing, channeling and psychic ability be learned, or is it a gift       that only special people have?

A:  Everyone is psychic. However, we all came into this world with different purposes.  It is similar to an actor or ballet dancer. Everyone can take the class, but certain people have a natural talent for it. The healing arts are no different.  Learning to tune in to your psychic abilities can be of great benefit to you in your life.  This is the ultimate goal. There is also the question of spiritual development here.  Someone who has had many lives developing spiritually will naturally be more advanced at this.  Working with someone privately or in a group setting will begin awakening your psychic centers.

Q:  What is the difference between a psychic/clairvoyant reading       session and a channeled reading?

A: In a psychic/clairvoyant session I am in a very light, almost unoticeable trance.  I bring the information through for you relaying it from my guides.  This is also a form of channeling called open channeling or relay channeling.  I am relying on my psychic centers to see, hear, feel the information.  In a direct voice channeling session, my conciousness is put aside temporarily in the form of a deep trance.  One of my angel guides vocalizes through me bringing the information directly and speaks to you from their perspective.  Raina is usually the one who chooses to do this.  There are a few others who will sometimes vocalize.  Her energy, voice and perspective is very different from my own.  She also will not "make predictions" for you.  A channeled session is a very deep, multidimensional type of spiritual counseling.  Raina moves right to the root and heart of your issues and questions. 

Q:  Can an entity take over your body during channeling? 

A:  Not without your permission or allowing.  When there is a situation like this (which is highly rare) there are also other psychological issues intermixed with the person’s conciousness. They are CHOOSING to give their power away to a lower entity due to their lack of boundaries, seductivness of drama, misguided beliefs, etc.  Nothing happens without your permission.  When I channel, none of my guides respond unless I invite them.  They are here for your spiritual growth and will not do something that will hurt you or scare you.  They are your very loving friends.  Channeling is a very natural, harmonious, blissful and intimate state you have created with a highly evolved being. 

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