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Energy Healings

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How to Prepare for Your Healing

All healing are done remotely over the phone. A headset is suggested so that you can have your hands free to relax as deeply as possible.

Each healing begins with a prayer inviting both our guides and Angel helpers in to hold a sacred space for healing.  We'll discuss anything of importance happening in your life. This allows me to listen to the vibration of your voice, reading your field energetically.  I will discuss with you what I receive, and flush out some of that with you through the reading portion of your session. We will also discuss your diet and any nutritional supplements that may be helpful. I am not a doctor prescribing medication, but a healer suggesting a natural diet and supplements that will be helpful in guiding you to a state of health and balance.

 You will then lay down either on a couch or bed where you will not be disturbed. I suggest headphones for the energy healing portion. You will need to hear me give direction and speak to you, but will need your hands free to relax as deeply as possible. You will begin a breathing technique in the first part of your session. This moves energy through your body, allowing me to locate any blockages needing to be released.  

The healing part of my practice has been building over many years through my clairvoyant reading sessions. I am not a part of any particular practice, religion, or philosophy. I simply open up and allow spirit to move through me.

What to Expect After the Healing

Each session is approximately 90 minutes. Many people fall asleep during the healing. I will gently speak to you to wake you.  We will talk about your experience and any additional information I received during your healing.

Everyone is different. Some report seeing certain things themselves during the session, some just feel better, while others are very emotional. All of this is very normal. A processing happens during the healing that continues even after your healing session.

How Often Should I Do Healing Sessions?

Healing is a process. Some people heal faster than others. I leave that up to spirit. You will know when it is time for another healing.  You are your best healer. I will make suggestions and let you know what I receive about your process intuitively. From there, it is up to you to decide when it is appropriate to contact me for healing. 

How to Schedule a Healing
You can contact me via email or schedule an appointment directly from this site.

There is a client information and consent form you will need to complete and sign before our session. Please complete the form online.



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