Spirituality & Sexuality:     
Heal the Sacral, Ignite Creativity & Manifestation

$200 Entire Workshop or $125 for first day
Online Teleconference or webcam

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This workshop is based on Lori’s own healing, channeling sessions with Raina (her guide) and a deep desire to help others heal and understand a very vulnerable, sacred part of them selves. Sexuality has the potential to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is the key to loving yourself more and creating a lasting healthy relationship to your soul. 

In our culture, we have been taught that sexuality and being spiritual are two different things.  This just isn’t true. It’s quite the opposite.  We must access sacred energy that is sexual in order to access our true spiritual nature.  This is creation at its core.  Truly understanding how your sexual nature plays a role in your development as a human being and a spirit being will open up the portals inside and begin guiding you from the Soul’s level.   

Previously this workshop was done as a women’s only workshop. This is the long awaited second Sexuality Workshop for everyone.  This workshop is geared both individually and for couples seeking a more intimate and deeper level of intimacy within themselves. I will have a workshop specifically geared for couples in the future.
Healing our sacral is an integral part of moving forward and creating what we truly desire. Join Lori and her unseen friend “Raina” for this very special workshop. This workshop will be a mix of Lori teaching and appearances by Raina with her teachings from the other side. A total of 4 meditations will be held over both days to uncover spiritual truths and hidden beliefs around sexuality to heal this very sacred energy.

This particular workshop will be held online through www.gotomeeting.com. When you sign up for the workshop Lori will send you the log in information for the workshop. This allows you to enjoy the comfort of your own home and the privacy of choosing to be seen or not during discussion times. Lori will be seen at all times. A headset or headphones is recommended.   

You may sign up here through the website. Your email address and full name is required for Lori to send you the log in information for the workshop. 


Please email with any questions you may have.

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