Multidimensional Healing Program

This program has been created to teach and heal through the avenue of three healing arts most commonly used separate of one another.

Lori found that combining all three of these skills along with evaluation of the client and offering classes, proved to be a more Whole approach to the healing arts.  She essentially became a “Multidimensional Healer”.  It is her goal to teach this to others who wish to become Practitioners of these unique Healing Arts and to those seeking a deeper state of healing for themselves.

Each program is taught as a separate certification.  Although Lori’s gifts include all of these programs, she understands that some of you may find your gifts and interests in only one or two of these modalities.  Essentially, she wants to provide the best education and experience possible for each individual program. 

The certification “Multidimensional Healer” will be earned through all four processes.  However, an individual certification is earned along the way in each program. 

Lori Camacho learned of her own abilities of Mediumship, Open or “psychic” Channeling (also known as Clairvoyance), Deep Trance Vocal Channeling and Hands-on Healing, first as a child and then further activated and developed them as an adult when spirit called on her to first heal herself.  She grew up with pre-cognitive dreams, visions and began to see ghosts around the house. As she grew to be an adult these abilities were pushed down by childhood abuse.  The abilities that were once used for survival were now creating havoc in their dimmed, unconscious state.  It was like barely seeing through a smoke screen.  They were never fully turned “off”. She sought out healing and education from her teachers, Renowned Medium Cheri Mancuso and Renowned Channel Shawn RandallAfter learning to re-open, the childhood abuse that had originally clouded her connection to the spirit world finally began to heal.

Lori: Someone in a deep state of pain & healing seeks out all of these channels of healing at one time or another.  My personal goal is to educate those who wish to hold the light of any, or each one of these healing arts with a great deal of integrity and Commitment. 

Please email with any questions you may have.

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