Transition Midwifery

Saturday, March 3, 2013
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Online Teleconference or webcam

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Transitioning from this life back into the spirit world is a fact of life. Reincarnation; birth and rebirth is something we’ve done and will continue to do until the earth’s vibration is high enough to choose differently.

Death as we know it is unknown, sometimes scary and something not to be discussed even in the face of it when a loved one is in the process of passing.

Join Lori Camacho and unseen friend “Raina” for this very special online workshop on “Transition Midwifery”

Transition Midwifery is taking responsibility for the death process and helping someone to “rebirth” into the spirit world. There is a wonderful opportunity to heal, prepare for the next lifetime or leave the earth with a clean slate. We need help to do this with love and awareness.  We hear about midwives birthing babies at home. We do the very same thing at the end of life. This is very rewarding and healing for the midwife and the person crossing. Death does not have to be faced unconsciously as just a fact of life. It can be handled with grace and elegance. It can prepare someone and even help them feel excited about this very special final transition in this current earth life.

It takes consciousness, a willingness to act as a healer, a midwife and responsible human being.  There is a lot to tie up both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually before a departure from the physical plane.

Lori will guide you through the steps of assisting someone to transition. This is based on her process with her mother most currently.

Lori: Raina was very much a part of this for me. She channeled through and guided me day by day so she will speak from her perspective from the other side and what is going on behind the veil.  She will channel during the workshop on how you can assist the angelic realm by preparing this soul to return.

“We don’t transition alone. Once a soul is incarnate, they are dense and must be assisted by another human being’s energy presence to fully release into our realm.  This work is highly regarded and necessary on your planet.  It is our hope that rebirth be handled with love and a vast amount of consciousness.”   - Raina

Some of what you will learn:

  • The steps of transition
  • How to know when a person is really READY
  • Assisting the Healing Process
  • What the “other side” is actually doing
  • Sensations and feelings close to transition time
  • Acceptance and surrender
  • Centering during emotional hills and valleys
  • Energy healing Exercises
  • Preparing family
  • The “Rebirth” Day
  • Celebrating Life

To hold a space for this workshop, please sign up here online or call Lori at 949-340-1074 with your credit card info. Your card will be charged for the workshop at that time.  An email will be sent out with the log in information for the workshop during the week prior.

We hope to see you there!

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