The Temple of Shiva

March 22, 2011


Memory resides in each organ, gestating until one’s consciousness reaches spiritual maturity.  That memory or memories take form and birth circumstance into being. Humans choose unconsciously to have this information there for the growth of their soul.  The body responds in order to make this memory a conscious part of the human’s soul growth.  Why me, you may ask? Why not you, we respond.  Your choices determine the outcome.  Embrace your body’s calling.  The body may choose a particular way of eating or moving completely out of the blue or likewise, a disease to form.  We want you to see each manifestation as a choice to grow.  The pain of a disease or the desire of the body is still the same calling. 

Rather than fight the calling or pity the disease, take powerful hold of your choice.  Choice and inner wisdom will guide you towards your path that has been unconscious before now. 

So much effort and focus is placed on the spiritual and emotional that you humans forget that the bodies were also created by spirit.  The body has its own wisdom and will respond to the energy that lies within its physical temple.  Honor the body’s wisdom. 

To work with the energy of creation and physical form we suggest the help of Shiva.  Shiva’s energy is masculine in nature, yet represents spirit manifested in the physical.  His love and energy can help the healing of the body and the awakening of the kundalini. 

The awakening of the Kundalini requires the body to purge its inadequacies.  We hear you humans say, where is my awakening?  I’m waiting for it.  Work with deep breath and the sacred temple you live in.  Emotions will surge to the surface and the body will require the help of its master.  That master is you.  The one who holds the power lives in his/her own sacred temple.  Masterfully sculpt in the best way you can.  Give the body attention, love and nourishment.  Give the body movement.  Earth body is the masculine form of your soul’s creative expression.  To reach the divine infinite intelligence one must first nurture the temple that god/goddess enters.  Is the temple clean?  Is the temple decorated in a way that brings life and excitement to your mirror?  When the earth body is loved my it’s master, divine infinite intelligence naturally enters the soul and begins to teach and guide. 

We are often asked in our channel’s sessions where to begin hearing the divine.  This is our answer.  Start by cleaning and strengthening your temple and spirit’s energy will naturally flow.  You are all Shiva’s temple of grace and love.   

Love is sent without constitution.

Please email with any questions you may have.

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