Student Readings

As our students become more comfortable with their gifts, we begin offering reading and healing appointments to the public.  It greatly enhances their abilities to see “real clients”.  This also gives people an opportunity they may not otherwise have. These appointments are free and fill quickly.  At times there is a waiting list. 

All that is asked of you is to fill out an evaluation form about your experience.  That helps them know what still needs work and also what they are doing well.  The student does not see the form directly.  Lori collects them and speaks to them according to repetitive patterns seen over several evaluations. It is vital that you are honest for this reason. 

To make an appointment please email us at:

This is also where you will email the evaluation form after your appointment. Please let us know what type of appointment you are seeking. At this time we have Clairvoyant Readings and Vibrational Healings available.  An appointment will be made for you and you will be sent the address and directions for your appointment.  Please download the student evaluation form here when you are finished.  Your memory is always best right after the appointment. 


Lori Camacho is a Vocal Channel, Healer and Clairvoyant Medium. She is co-owner of Awakenings Bookstore where she facilitates workshops. She teaches classes, hold workshops and does private readings at her studio, Sacred Connections. Both are located in Laguna Hills, CA. Please see our Contact page for further information.

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