Student Vibrational Healings

A healing begins with a 30 minute reading.  The reading portion of your session brings up the issues that need to be addressed and worked with but is not the same as a clairvoyant reading. The purpose is different. They will look at your body and chakras to determine any blockages or information that shows itself in your body and etheric field. This type of healing is done with the healer’s hands both on and off the body.  The student is taught to “see” which energetic body needs the work.  It is not purely a physical experience such as massage or bodywork.  It is an energetic, spiritually guided experience.  Your student healer will explain a breathing technique used throughout the healing and answer any questions you may have about the healing before moving onto the healing table. 

The student’s abilities can vary during a healing. The clairvoyant program is required before the healing program to insure they are able to receive information from spirit. Some student’s also take the Vocal Channeling Program and may use this ability during the healing. The student’s are “attuned” to their own personal team of healer beings along with their higher self.  This unique attunement creates a variable in each students healing practice.   

After your session you will discuss anything that came up for you during the healing.  They will also explain what you may experience after leaving the office.  Everyone is different, yet there are some similar after affects with healing that everyone experiences.

Please allow yourself up to 2 hours for the healing. They run between 1.5 and 2 hrs.

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