There aren’t enough good things I can say about Lori Camacho and the Clairvoyant/Intuitive/Healing class I took with her. Before I started this class I, in a million years, never pictured myself doing any of the work I am able to do now; this class has really opened up so many possibilities for me. I was completely green. Not only do I feel like I’ve gone through intense therapy, I feel like a completely changed person-for the better. The class covers so much; you learn and heal you so you can in turn help and heal others with a clearer pallet. Without this class, Lori and her guidance I wouldn’t be as happy and whole as I am today. Lori’s gift is undeniable; she is amazing. The support, clarity, and motivation Lori gives are irreplaceable and exactly what you need to go through in this class; I couldn’t imagine having any other instructor.

Amanda Mehalick
Mission Viejo, CA

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have gratitude for the enormous gifts that Lori has helped usher into my life. With her guidance I have been able to open and understand my own gifts that I brought with me into this life. After spending a lifetime confused and overwhelmed by them I was finally able to ground myself in, take responsibility for, and open my heart to myself and my purpose. I have come to understand more about myself in the 3 years that I've known Lori than I had previously in my entire life. Coming from someone with college and graduate degrees in the field of Psychology this is saying quite a lot. I am now living the life I was meant to live, as a channel, a writer, and a conscious mother. There are truly no words to give my gratitude its full breadth but to say that my life has been transformed in ways far beyond my wildest dreams and because of that I am now certain that my wildest dreams will indeed come true.

Blythe Rowan
Laguna Beach, CA

Working with Lori in the Clairvoyant Intuitive program has been a life changing experience for me. The work and meditations are sometimes extremely powerful, sometimes challenging and always worthwhile. Through Lori's guidance and teaching in this program, I went from being intensely afraid of my life and my gifts to becoming a person who lives more intuitively and with an open heart. After studying with Lori, I have gained more than I can say. I no longer search for my purpose in life. I now have belief in myself, my gifts, and in Spirit. I feel that anyone whose interest is piqued by Lori's programs should trust it and consider taking the leap.

Laguna Hills, CA

Lori's remarkable gift of healing was an experience that has forever changed me.  I have tried different healing modalities and have never felt this incredible sense of peace that has continued to sustain me.  I will carry this powerful healing session within the memory of my being as a reminder of what is possible.  I thank the Universe for earth angels like Lori.

Lorena Mendoza
Aliso Viejo, CA

Lori 's ability to be a clear channel for information and guidance from the spirit realm provides an added dimension to her healing resources not normally found in other healers.  She is profoundly accurate and assists those she sees with a focus on what is most important for their highest good.  It is an honor to have Lori as a friend and colleague.

Linda Sheldon
Healer, Minister, Reiki Master Teacher
Anaheim, CA


You will not believe how Lori has changed my life.  I am so grateful for her extensive healing work and spiritual guidance that she has given me over the years.  If you ever want to change your life, please consult Lori for a personal healing and spiritual channeling session.  I promise it will be the best time and money ever spent.

Christopher Hawley
Costa Mesa, CA

Thank you again, Lori. I am so thankful for your ability to connect...the last part of our reading where you channeled, was exactly what I have been needing. The messages you gave me are what's going to change my life. I can Feel it! Many Blessings.

Carol Ashley
Kundalina Yoga Teacher
Prosperity Yoga
Atlanta, GA


Lori Board is a natural born healer. She has Opened doors for me for healing and for spiritual growth. I am truly grateful.

Serafina Krupp
Interior Designer
Costa Mesa, CA


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