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Vocal Trance Channeling


9-month class (meets 3 times/month)
$2700.00 prepaid or $300.00 monthly

Prerequisite: Clairvoyant Intuitive Program or equivalent approved preparation training.

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During this first level of certification, students will learn the three forms of channeling.  Open Channeling, Relay Channeling and Deep Trance Vocal Channeling. They will also study consciousness from the Seth teachings as well as be guided through meditations and teachings by Raina.  This program will help students to form a foundational relationship with their unseen friend(s), as well as the ability to automatic write. Once vocal channeling is introduced, there will be an additional practice night added to work on vocalizing specifically.  This is optional but highly recommended.  

Vocal Channeling is a process of development for both the individual and the entity or entities they are working with.  Channeling is a very loving, beautiful gift that is earned through the intimate relationship that is created with a specific unseen friend.  There are others that will come to assist the channel at first, but true channeling involves a deep level of trust that is acquired through an intimate connection with one or a group of specific entities.  Healing is prevalent for the student and spiritual growth is the goal. 

Not everyone comes to channeling to become a vocal trance channel.  Each unseen friend has a gift that is to be developed with their channel.  For some, this gift may add to one of the healer’s other abilities or work with them in music, writing, etc.  The purpose of developing your channeling is to also develop your life’s purpose.  Each human being has an unseen friend that contracted to work with them in creating their life’s work.  This work will become known to you during the channeling program.  For those whose purpose it is to become a professional vocal trance channel can go on to the next level certification in Professional Vocal Trance Channeling.


Monthly Vocal Channeling Practice Sessions $35 per class

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This once a month class will be offered throughout the program, once the student is ready to start vocalizing and allows a student to come and practice their vocal channeling skills, preparing them for the next level of certification (professional) if that is what they choose to do, or for their own personal practice advancement. Vocal practice is included in the first level channeling as well.  This is an extra class and is recommended for those who feel guided to vocal channel.


Level II - Professional

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9 Months $2400.00 or $300.00 per month
The prerequisite for entry into this certificate program is the Vocal Trance Channeling course or a recognized and approved equivalent.

This advanced level of certification involves further instruction in opening to the vocal channeling process for professional use with private clients. Students will begin to take their channeling to the next level and will seek to vocally channel as a professional. During this part of the student's training, they see clients and will work through the necessary preparations for their eventual testing with the Counsel of Vocal Trance Channels.

This includes an internship to provide experience and preparation for students to begin working with clients professionally. Upon completion of this course work, students will have the opportunity to go through a series of testing with the Counsel of Vocal Trance Channels and to eventually be considered for certification as a channeling teacher, if interested.


Level III - Teacher Certification
7 Months $1800.00 or $300.00 per month

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The prerequisite for entry into this certificate program is our Vocal Trance Channeling Levels I & II, or a recognized and approved equivalent.

In this program, students who already have high refined channeling practices will be able carry their skills and experience to a new place through teaching. It will include methods of teaching, and will allow for the student to have practical teaching experience .This highly advanced training will be offered only to those who have already had a substantial amount of professional channeling experience and are interested in teaching others to channel. In order to enter this program, those interested will have to have a certain number of professional channels that they have done and will need to have been seeing people privately for a while. There will be additional testing by the Counsel of Vocal Trance Channels before receiving this certificate.



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